Acacia "Cassi" Soulis

Summoner, Soldiers Daughter


5’6", 140lbs, Black hair, fair complexion, Blue eyes
Cocky and independent, tends to be a bit immature when compared to humans her age,
but she works hard and prefers to be a team player, profoundly driven by her need to
prove herself and feel like she belongs somewhere and is valued.

Due to her close tie with her Eidolon they have pushed each other towards more extreme alinements.
Cassi is essentially a very altruistic person who values life greatly, and that value has rubbed off on Okoah – who was naturally a very selfish and greedy creature without the concept of good or evil.
Okoah is fanatical about maintaining his own independence and freedom because of the experience of escaping a hive-mind entity. This passion has rubbed off on Cassi, and while she thrives and craves the order and direction of military life, she will go against authority, custom, and law to maintain Okoah in this realm and to maintain their independence and dignity. She grows very disturbed when he is banished.

Originally joined the party:
Summoner lvl 3, Age 24
Eidolon : “The Okoah” a giant crustacean type creature from another realm.


Strength : 14
Dexterity : 13
Constitution : 10
Intelligence : 10
Wisdom : 8
Charisma : 18

Bastard : +1 to sense motive, always a class skill
Due to illegitimate birthing, and refusal of her mother’s family to acknowledge her.
Patient Optimist : +2 to diplomacy checks against opponents and may re-roll once.
Due to her repeated arguments throughout her lifetime that eventually brought Okoah
onto this plane of existence and slowly taught him sentience (previously he was a
part of a hive-mind)

Ancestral Arms : Martial Training with Halberd
Due to her father being a pike-men career soldier, from a family of career soldiers. He
trained her to use the weapon from a young age.

Elven Immunities : Race immune to magic sleep & +2 to saves against enchantments
Keen Senses : Race +2 to perception checks
Toughness : +3 Hp
From her training both as a soldier and under her grandfather.
Precise Strikes : +1d6 damage on flanking with ally with same skill
Shared feet learned from years of living and working alongside her Eidolon.

Self Taught:
LvL0 : Message
LvL1 : expeditious retreat
Taught By Grandfather:
LvL0 : Read Magic, Resistance, Guidance
LvL1 : Mage Armor, Rejuvenate Eidolon Lesser, Sheild


Acacia “Cassi” Souliswas born the unlikely bastard of a young elven noblewoman (Yanamarie Lusio) and a common human soldier of Kalsgard (Quintus “Quin” Soulis).

Cassie.jpg In a fit of juvanile rebellion Yanamarie had pursued a romantic fling with Quin, and hadn’t told him when she returned to her homeland (the elven port of Greengold) that she was carrying his child. Cassi was delivered to her unwitting father only days after her birth, with the news that Yanamarie had died during childbirth.

Quin raised Cassi with the help of his large family and, although she had difficulty fitting in with other children her age, she never lacked for love or attention. She was considerably smaller then the human kids her age, but she was strong and smart, and became popular among her many cousins. She was dubbed with the nickname “Little-General” (or “Little G”) when she was only 4 years old. She was always coming up with dubious schemes and convincing people to conspire with her in them. Her efforts were largely ineffective, but she was about as good at talking herself out of trouble as she was in getting into it, so her cousins rarely dissuaded her plotting. She also took great pleasure in the family tradition of giving each other nick-names, her monikers often over-riding much older ones.

Almost as soon as she could talk Cassi began having conversations with her imaginary friend that she named “The Okoah”. Though her aunts and uncles were often concerned by the strange and troubling things she said about her imaginary friend, Quin never thought much of it. After all, it wasn’t out of character for Cassi to say something outlandish just to get attention. As she got older she stopped talking about Okoah, but sometimes he would catch her having intense conversations with herself, and he wondered if she might be going mad. It was a well known superstition that half-elves were more prone to breaks of the character or mind.

Fearing weakness he did what any soldier would do – he began training her rigorously. By the age of 11 she was a master with his pole-arm, though only decent with a sword and abysmal with a shield. She was alright at wrestling, but mostly because she cheated, not because she was especially talented at it.

At 13 Okoah suddenly appeared and mauled a young man that had been bullying Cassi, nearly killing the unlucky boy. Quintus was forced by legal decree to search out her mother’s family for assistance in Greengold. The 5 foot tall, armored monster that clicked and followed them and seemed to disappear and reappear at random was a great assistance in getting him an audience with his daughters maternal grandfather, Ziracuny Lusio. None believed Quin’s fantastical claim that Cassi was Lusio blood, but Okoah was obviously a summoned Eidolon, and Ziracuny was one of the best summoners in the city.

Cassi studied for a couple years under Ziracuny (whom she obstinately referred to as “Zira” even though he detested it), living with him while he tutored her. Through this relationship she came to know her mother and was close with her half-siblings Eadleof (“Eadie”) and Cyneric (“Rick”). Despite this, they never acknowledged her heritage and Cassi could not forgive that of them. She returned semi-annually for trail of her skill after she left Ziracuny’s tutelage, and though their relationship grew more and more strained she remained respectful due to his skill and age.

She returned to her father, when she was 15 and joined the Kalsgard army. There she had a hard time fitting in, leaning on the presence of the now constant Okoah to enforce respect from her fellow soldiers despite her immaturity. She advanced well in the army, eager to please her family, and by the age of 22 was a lieutenant of the guard in Oak Quarter (the lumber and ship-building district of the capitol). During her tenure with the guard she was quite popular for her part in chasing out the street gangs that once controlled the area and for shamelessly recruiting for the army.

Shortly after her 24th birthday her father was killed in a bungled military move in the River Kingdom’s region. Their king, Sveinn Blood-Eagle, had ordered a force to aid in the fighting the Razmiran to try to curry favor with the wealthy Elven leaders in Kyonin. The Mayor and his advisers had assumed the Inner Sea fiefdoms would leave the force alone, as they faced a common enemy in the Razmiran armies. They were wrong. The army was quickly brought to the brink of starvation due to repeated raids on their camps and on supply lines, and then were massacred by the Razmiran forces. In response Cassi quit the guard and spent her life savings to move to Ridwall, where one of her cousins thought he could get her a job working for a local lord.

Still seething from what she perceived as a betrayal by both her former king and the elven nobles, she was reluctant to settle on a lord to serve. Instead she has fallen in with the group of adventurers for hire out of the Pick and Flagon Inn. She has a soft spot still for children and enjoys feeling as if she looks after Jezzi, and she still maintains regular correspondence with her half-siblings.

Acacia "Cassi" Soulis

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