Ophelia Donlen

First sword of the Hand of Justice.


Head of the Donlen house and Leader of the Hand of Justice Ridwall chapter. Ophelia Donlen is a walking legend. Every one who has held a sword or dreamed of adventure in the kingdom has at one point heard her name. The most notable tale of her exploits involved her defeating a bone devil in single combat earning her the moniker “Fiend Slayer.”

The Donlen House is a major player in kingdom politics but Ophelia is considered a bit of a recluse and rarely attends court or balls. She rather spends most of her time in the city of Ridwall leading the local Hand of Justice chapter.

It was discovered by the party that Ophelia was not as she seemed to be. In an encounter with THE RETURNERS in a place known as the SPECTRAL SEA it was revealed by KALEC her uncle that Ophelia was murdered as a child and was replaced by a mithral doll powered by THE BLOODLINE that was present in her from birth. Her soul was bound to this doll by KALEC


Ophelia Donlen

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