Quintus "Quin" Soulis

Human pikemen soldier of Kalsgard


Quintus Soulis, better known as Quin, is the youngest of seven children, and as his name implies, he was the fifth son his mother bore. As his father and all of his brothers did, Quin joined the soldiers of Kalsgard. Between the army and the guard, the soldiers of Kalsgard accounted for about 10% of the population of the city. The pay was decent, and it meant they got to live in better wards of the city.

Unlike his brothers, who were insatiable ladies men or rakes, Quin was a romantic. He was quite popular among the girls, but he was looking for the kind of love they wrote of in epics, and the kind of adventure every young boy dreamed of. His brothers slowly began to settle down and began taking bets on how long it would take for a young girl to take his heart. As he watched his siblings struggle under the burden of their large families and sometimes strained marriages, he swore he’d forever be married to his boots.

Then came along Yanamarie Lusio. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever lain eyes on, more angel than creature of earth. It took over a year to get her to even realize he existed, and then several more months to win her attention from the rest of the men who fawned over her. It cost him friends and a few beatings out of jealousy, but when she finally turned her crystal blue eyes on him he felt as if he could withstand the world alone just for her. He knew it was wrong, but he lay with her before he had up the money for a proper engagement band. Mere weeks after he’d given her the ring he bought and promised her that he would find a way to afford a wedding and a life thatshe deserved, she disappeared.

He was broken up, and began saving every penny he could spare to go visit her home town, Greengold. It was nearly eight months later when Yanamarie’s sister appeared before him on the street and dropped a tiny, warm bundle in his arms and announced coldly that “”/characters/yanamarie-vanaidorl-lusio" class=“wiki-content-link”>The mother died. You would do well to forget she had ever existed." With that she turned and left. It took him several minutes to realizewhat it was he held in his arms. When he lifted the blanket off her face and she yawned and looked up at him with eyes so blue they didn’t seem possible, he nearly collapsed right there in the square where he’d been standing.

He did drop to his knees sobbing, and his fellow guardsmen had to go and fetch his family. It took three of his brothers to lift him to his feet and his own father red faced and near to drop dead from rage himself, to get him to explain exactly how he’d come upon the possession of a baby. His family would have been disappointed in him, since he was only 16 and just a boy himself they figured, except there wasn’t time for that. The little girl was too weak to even cry, a fever so hot burning in her tiny body that they could feel it through the blanket. It took the combined efforts of his entire family, but before he knew it a year had passed and he was arguing passionately with his mother that he was NOT going to give her a nickname. Acacia was short enough and besides, she was half elf and elves didn’t do that sort of thing.

By the end of the next year he’d given up and started calling her Cassi, since that was a word she could actually say. She also had started having a great interest in animals, her favorite being the biggest, slobberiest dogs she could find. Her brother had a pair of war-hounds that couldn’t be trusted near her or he feared they’d lick her clear to death. She called all dogs a boofah, and the only thing she liked nearly as much as dogs was frogs. By the time she was three would call out for a okoah even when he couldn’t hear the things.

When she was four her bossiness and elaborate plotting became the stuff of family legend, earning her the title “little General”, or “little G” since it seemed his daughter couldn’t have a nickname stick for more than a year before someone in the family had to come up with a new one for her.

And then she was six, and she’d heard one of her uncles or aunts talking about how she was a half elf and she was probably going to go nuts – and how sad terrible that was. And he had to explain to her how her mom was an elf and that made her half-elf, and yeah that sometimes happened to half-elves, but it wasn’t going to happen to her. He promised himself he was going to nearly kill one of his siblings when he figured out which one said that in front of her, though she never did come clean with where she heard it.

And then, she started trying so hard to prove that she wasn’t going crazy, and having passionate arguments with herself about nonsense, and he had to admit that maybe they were right and he should be worried. So, he started taking her with him when he had to patrol outside the city, and started teaching her how to use the equipment they gave the soldiers out where he his siblings couldn’t see and say stupid things.

She got really good with the spear. It seemed to help. At least she was confident again. He started her on other things, on the sword and the halberd he used. She still sometimes talked to herself, but everyone had different ways to work through their thoughts. That didn’t make them crazy.

Then it turned out he should have been worried all along.
Turned out the thing she was talking to was some sort of monster.
And it could kill people. Without even being told too. It just WOULD if it wanted to.

Acacia was sobbing when they found her. The soldiers in the guard were afraid to go near her, men who had known her all her life. Men whom he thought of as family. They talked about banishing her from the city never to return. Sure, some people could summon majestic flying horses. Some people could summon angels and three headed dogs. Acacia? She could summon an armored beast from the depths of hell to follow her like an untrained pit dog followed the smell of it’s next meal.

Thank all the gods he had seven other soldiers to help him convince the king to let them take her to the elves, take her to her mother’s people and get her trained.

Which lead to the third worst day of his life. The day he stood beforethe woman of his dreams, and found out she wasn’t dead. No – worse than that. She had left him and abandoned their daughter. She had new children, not too much younger than Cassie, with a man who was older and who was so stupid that he could look at Cassie and not see his wife’s eyes staring back at him. And after that he was told they were going to take her from him. That she would have to stay with them, with a grandfather that had never gazed upon her and would never admit she was his, and he had to leave. And he didn’t have a say in that.

He spent the next two years trying to move on with his life. To realize that the woman he had loved no longer existed. To build a new life like she had – have more children – a new family…

And when Acacia came back he didn’t ask any questions. She was quieter now. Angrier. But the beast was under control. She’d even taught it to speak somehow. And he learned to live with it. It became just another part of the family. A strange pet or guest that he became glad that she had.

She was so angry.

But she had the guard. And she had her duty to do. And none of her superiors could find a word of fuss. Well, except that she had a pet monster, and that she was so angry.

And slowly his old Cassi came back. Oh, the anger was still there. But she was confident again. There were even some boys from the docks that seemed to worship the ground she walked on. Some of them had joined the army and were trying to get her attention.

When he left for his duties, for the campaign on the Razmiran he kind of hoped he’d come home and find her messing around with one of them. He wouldn’t mind. Just as long as she had someone. A part of him hoped he’d find out she was pregnant. Not that he condoned babies before the ring – but he could hardly judge and it’d be nice to have kids running around the place again. And he knew she liked kids. She lit up when ever she talked about Eadie and Rick. It would be good to see her happy again.

Quintus "Quin" Soulis

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