Sir Jimmothy Shufflebottom XIV


Often mistaken for a halfling, Jim stands only 4 feet tall. Short for a Shufflebottom man, but not by much, the average male height in the family is only 4’ 5". Jim displays classic Shufflebottom traits, striving to uphold his family name and spread what he believes to already be a far-reaching legend of his knightly deeds. Though usually self-serving, Jim believes his actions to be benevolent.


Jim hails from an old lesser-noble house with a long line of proud knights. Proud, but mostly mediocre. The Shufflebottom name is not well known, despite relentless bragging by every member of the household for centuries. In the eyes of a Shufflebottom, they believe
their name and lineage to be legendary. Held in the highest regard as valiant warriors with no equal.

Sir Jimmothy Shufflebottom XIV

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