The Kind Hearted Necromancer


Velix is a freelance wizard, swordsman and a citizen of the mining town Ridwall. He is tall, extremely thin and pale and gernerally wears his signature brightly dyed and loose fitting robe with black trousers and mithral shirt. He has white blond hair and blue eyes. He currently lives at The Pick and Flagon Inn in the city.

Velix joined the party after after being hired to retrieve Jezzi a young half-orc girl. he has a fondness for her and feels responsible for her safety after the tragic conclusion of his mission and has no plans of leaving. Though most who know him only in passing would never guess; Velix is an arcane necromancy specialist. He wrestles with the dark nature of his craft but continues on it diligently anyway. Almost as a form of penance for his life choices Velix embraces altruism and has an extremely strict moral code often putting him self in harms way in the name of what he feels is right.


Velix rarely talks about his past but people who know him have a sense that he is fueled by guilt.


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