Yanamarie Vanaidorl (Lusio)

Young Elven Govorness of Greengold


Yanamarie was born late in her mother’s life, over two centuries after her older siblings were born. Already over 300 years old, her mother was left weakened by the birth and died while Yanamarie was still an infant. Her father was the powerful elven noble Ziracuny Lusio. Blessed by the coming of a third child to his name Ziracuny doted after her. She was always spoiled and cherished, and though Ziracuny had been very demanding of his older children, he was not even disappointed that his youngest had next to no magical talent at all.

Yanamarie was very smart and charming, and many agreed that she was one of the most beautiful elves in the city of Greengold. She was only 90 years old when her father and the other nobles in Greengold conspired that they would elect a human to lead the city and garner support from the humans that were their neighbors – then they would marry an elf to him and have a true elf on the throne when he passed, hopefully with the treaties and good will of the humans intact. Yanamarie was to be that elf. While her siblings were terribly jealous that she had been chosen for such an important task, she was mortified at the idea of marrying a man she didn’t even know for political clout. When she was only 100 and still just a child herself, the merchant Selwyn Vanaidorl was chosen to be the mayor. In a desperate bid for a last bit of freedom, she beggedher father to be allowed to go live with her sister in Kalsgard for a while.

He allowed it and for a couple years Yanamarie was tutored by her sister. Bitter and jealous, her sister hoped to literally dethrone Yanamarie and egged her into rebellion – encouraging her to seduce the young men in the city. Yanamarie, being young and in love with attention, did exactly that, gaining favor and gifts from men all over the city. It only got serious once, with a charming young soldier whom she only knew as Quin. Deciding she was in love withthis man, and that it would serve her father right for trying to choose a suitor for her, she began fooling around with him in secret – hoping that she could force her father to let her make the decision who to marry by getting herself with child to another man.

Unfortunately, her sister quickly told their father, hoping for the exact same response. Instead he was incredibly understanding and came to the city to tell his youngest that he would happily allow her to marry whom she chose. He would forgive and love her anyway, even though he would be forced to disown her. Shocked and dismayed by that, Yanamarie agreed to go into seclusion until the child was born and disavow any knowledge of Quin or it. She never even asked her father what happened to the babe after it was taken from her.

Less then two years later, at the young and scandalous age of 105, she was married to the new mayor. She still felt nothing but disgust for the man, but she often closed her eyes and pretended that it was instead Quin that she had married, and found that she could fake great passion for him.

Though she had conceived her first child on a whim, it took nearly five years for her to conceive a child with her husband, and they rejoiced to have an heir – a young boy that Selwyn named Cyneric. Another pregnancy followed close behind, two years after, producing a young girl they named Eadleof.

Then four years later the worst possible thing happened. Quin appeared with a young girl wild eyed with magic she couldn’t control and an eidolon from the same realm asher own father. She realized as she met with Quin that she had no feelings for him. Despite the romance she had always harbored and imagined they shared, the feelings she had now for her husband, and the one who gave her the two children she cherished, were closer to love than what she had ever known with Quin.

To Yanamaria’s horror Ziracuny agreed to tutor the girl. He was strict nearly to the point of cruelty with her, but she was obedient and learned quickly. Worse yet, her own meek mannered children took to her immediately, fawning overher and adopting her boorish short-names for each other and their grandfather. Despite the fact that she could tellthe girl resented them, even hated them at times, the whole house seemed to loose a bit of life when she decided to return to Kalsgard. Ziracuny was nearly crushed by the disappointment that she had decided to abandon her study of magic, and railed against her until she agreed to come back twice a year for testing of her skill.

Despite herself, even though she detested it, she didn’t intervene when she found out that the children were receiving gifts and notes from the girl. She even found herself looking forward to the times when she would visit, as even though the children were less behaved while she was home, they cherished her so – and Yanamaria could not find it in her heart to deny them anything that brought them such happiness.

She even decided that, as long as her children still cared for the girl, this would be Cassi’s true home.

Yanamarie Vanaidorl (Lusio)

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