Ziracuny Lusio

Elven Nobel of Greengold


One of the oldest elves in Greengold, Ziracuny was one of the most accomplished summoners in the realm. His eidolon was a hive-mind monster that he could perfectly control with a whim. An uncommonly blessed man, his wife bore them a child late in life, Yanamarie, that he doted upon.

He tend to become more sentimental in his age, growing more forgiving of all his children. He was extremely disappointed when Yanamarie became pregnant with a common human man, but he forgave her immediately – where in his youth he would have cast her vehminantly out onto the streets for doing such a thing. He gave away his grandchild with a heavy heart, but knew that it was the best thing for the country.

He was overjoyed when she was brought back to them only 13 years later, and amazed to find that she was a naturally talented summoner. He regretted having given Acacia away, knowing that she would have been far more developed in her magics and control of her eidolon if he could have taught her from birth. Determined help her reach her potential he tutored her devotedly for two years before she decided to return to her father. He was devistated by the decision, as she’d never gain full control without continued focus on his teachings. As the years passed Acacia checked in with him as promised but grew more and more rebellious, absolutely refusing to control the beast she had summoned. She treated it more like a favored pet or good friend than the mindless beast he knew it to be.

Now he watches the youngest of his grandchildren, Cyneric and Eadleof, in hopes that his favorite child had produced another savant, one that he might have the chance to mold before so much of their potential was lost.

Ziracuny Lusio

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