Pashow is a city state of Thuvia. Once heralded as one of the most secular and progressive cities in the world, Pashow was once home to a Magic college that very nearly rivaled the Arcanamirium in prestige, though far less brutal and secluded. The city was also haven to many different fae races and planetouched races of all kinds. Though the sorcerers of Nex were more powerful and looked down on the mages of Pashow, many talented low level spell casters defected in favor of the more inclusive nature of the Pashow Magic College and more lenient lifestyles enjoyed by the students there. They also produced the most sought after Magical Craftsmen and Alchemists in the world.

During the Thuvia civil war Pashow quickly became desperate. With very little in the way of agricultural or military resources, the city faced starvation and famine within the first years of the war. Their location (landlocked and penned in by the ruthless barrier mountains to the south) made escape from the city nearly impossible for all except the most powerful of their wizards. Despairing, the leaders that remained in Pashow began rounding up all the plane-touched citizens and exploiting them as fearsome soldiers to defend the city – some willingly made that sacrifice and others were forced or coerced. They also began expensive campaigns to capture the fleshforged monsters that managed to cross the Border Wall from Nex. There were rumors of kidnappings of plane-touched citizens that refused to fight, but evidence of it never came to light.

Eventually the city became a refuge of sorts for those that were fleeing the wasteland at the center of the country. While most of the citizens were still plagued by disease and starvation, the city was relatively safe from violence and managed to still employ the most able bodied as a militia to fight off bandits and Kamus Wartribes. Near the end of the war the City was sacked several times by the Wartribes, growing desperate for new slaves as the church of Sarenrae grew popular in the Merab and began raising resistance towards the trade.

Embittered by these raids and their struggle to survive, the citizens of Pashow vowed they would fight to the last man against Merab for their connection to the Church of Kamus. Resigned in their conviction, it appeared the city was doomed to fall to the combined might of the Merab armies and the Wartribes, until a powerful Elf spell caster came to the city and turned their fortunes around. For the past 100 years she has ruled over the city from her castle in the mountains, and is revered as the Arcanaotheign, agent of Nethys.


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